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I psid initialy $85.00 plus $35.00 withdrawing, the process got too long that my husband got the surgery. meanwhile we had to buy the expensive drug.They never sent the drug. I think is moral they refund money for no drugs sent.They told me NOT..

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I am a 60 year old woman with Osteo Arthritis. I have had both knees, both hips and soon both shoulders will be replaced. I am in chronic pain and I have type II diabetes, high blood pressure, Graves disease and heart problems. I have five children none grand children and my husband is 67 years old with his own health problems I am in the donut hole portion of Medicare meaning that our medications costs almost a twice as much. My husband and I... Read more

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It has been over 5 months and still we havent received the medication. I get charged $35.00 each month for what. One run around after another. So fed up!

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i filled out my app the doctors portion was filled and his office faxed his signed copies they called to tell me they did not receive all the application returend i explained the doc office faxed his portion a very rude woman said the office lied they did not receive it after a few words i phoned the docs office they had the cover sheet of the time date and confirmation but they refaxed it. the next day another call i said they refaxed it got... Read more

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Megan called me several weeks ago to ask about the status of my medication. I did not have an answer then because I was in the process of possibly switching plans and companies and did not know if I would be covered. I asked her to call back in a week, hoping I would have more information then. True to her word SHE DID!!! That never happens. When I called to today she actually remembered me!!! She answered all my questions, and could not... Read more

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I was under the impression that I was paying this company $35.00 a month for my Dulera which had been costing me $80.00 a month even with my drug insurance. After 8 weeks, got my 90 day supply and had to call Merck, the manufacturer, with a question and found out they had sent out my medication at no cost to me. Woman from Merck said to call and cancel with SCBN right away because it was a scam and they get calls all the time about these kinds... Read more

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I did a search online to find assistance for my boyfriend who has severe epilepsy. If he goes so much as a day without one or more of his medications (Lyrica, Lamictal, and Gabitril) he will have multiple seizures. He was on Social Security Disability but in 2012 they kicked him off because his seizures were controlled with medication and with that he lost his medicare and prescription assistance. Social Security also told him he OWES them... Read more

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I had a very positive consumer experience with Carl at SCBN. He was patient, kind, compassionate, personable, knowlegeable and professional. His news was the best id heard in months regarding prescription assistance without having to jump thru all the hoops that i have been attempting to, to no avail. Carl is a great employee and hopefully the company appreciates him as much as i appreciated his assistance today!! Read more

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Contrary to what I've read here, suppose there are those who are never happy about anything for one reason or another. I will have to truthfully say that I spoke with Nick there on 12/7 and then a lady and I forgot to write her name down. THey were both beyond patient and very easy to talk with. Everything was explained thoroughly. I've read reviews elsewhere and found others to feel the same as I do. This is a great Rx Advocate Professional... Read more

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I contacted SCBN in August 2014 for help with my medicine, Symbicort Inhaler. They said it would cost $85.00 first month, and 35.00 month after that. I have paid them a total of $155.00 and I still do not have my medicine. They give you the lame excuse that they didn't get all the information they asked for. There are numerous complaints on this company with the same problems I have. I cancelled my membership with them 10/29/14 and asked... Read more

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