To all of those who access the website SelectCare Benefits… STOP, go no further!

SELECT CARE BENEFITS HAS BEEN DEEMED UNSATISFACTORY BY THE BBB. I’ve got my story and apparently there were many others. This is in regard to a reduced rate or free prescription program.

I contacted this site in attempts to get my medication at a reduced rate or free. The call I made to subscribe was quick. I did not have all the information they needed but I would receive a packet in the mail to complete and return. The cost was $80. $50 for the application fee and $30 for the subscription. I asked that they not take the cash out of my account till a particular date as I did not want to overdraw my account. Times have been tough. About two weeks later, I had checked my bank account and found that they had withdrawn the $80. It was the same day I had found that my work hours were to be reduced. I called them to let them know I need to withdrawal my participation in the program as I needed the cash. I related that no packet was ever received from the company. I was told that I did not receive a packet because my membership didn’t start until they received payment and received the necessary information to acquire the needed medications.

After this phone call began my nightmare began.

I was told that I needed to send a letter of cancellation to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors do not take phone calls. I was also told that I needed to give “a full explanation as to why you feel you deserve a refund” I wrote my letter and explained why I should get my refund. I waited and waited and waited, no check, no letter, no phone call. So I called back. Now I’m told that I need to send a letter of “Request for Refund” to the Board of Directors? NOW I KNOW I’M BEING SCREWED. I sent that letter as well with a few choice comments. AGAIN, I waited and waited and waited. NOTHING.

I made approximately 30 phone calls to this company. The customer service reps are kind of you are inquiring about the program, but are very rude when you are requesting answers and money. I eventually wrote to the Better Business Bureau. They have tried to resolve the situation, but the only response from Select Care Benefits is a “cut and paste” response from their book of lies. I will also note, they had little respect for this process as they were late to respond. However, they said I was entitled to $30 refund but the $50 was not refundable because that was my “non-refundable” process fee. I responded to the BBB letting them know this was not acceptable and that I was told the $50 was for the packet fee which is refundable if I return the packet. I didn’t receive one.

SelectCare Benefits has not accepted with any response to BBB’s offer for an Alternate Dispute Resolution. They also have deemed this company as Unsatisfactory

Check out these reports from the BBB. Same company, two different addresses.



SelectCare Benefits state:

As America's leading Patient Advocate Organization, we fully manage the processes of managing multiple Patient Assistance Programs on an ongoing basis. This makes certain that all of our members constantly receive their medications. Our experienced advocates and state of the art technology makes managing these processes almost effortless for patients in need of prescription assistance through Patient Assistance Programs. Though we are not completely immune from some human error, we boast a 98% approval ratio on applications for assistance that we submit, an approval rate over 10 times what was stated by the pharmaceutical company representative. In the few cases that are disapproved, we quickly follow up to correct any mistakes or file appeals to make sure our members receive medication assistance if at all possible.

When you become a member of Select Care Benefits Network, you will begin experiencing tremendous savings on your prescription medications. However, we must first do a thorough analysis to make sure that you qualify for assistance and will be able to do the small amount of work that is required by you to fully benefit from our prescription assistance.

What they fail to say in large enough print or easy to find text is that they DO NOT GUARANTEE your medication. This company is set up with people taking your personal information over the phone. You provide them with more personal and medication information through a packet (that I’ve not seen) and they submit it to the pharmaceutical company. The drug company determines whether you meet the guidelines for a reduced rate or free prescription.

What you SHOULD KNOW is that you can obtain these forms through the pharmaceutical company and get the information and signatures yourself and send it in to the drug company who sponsers the program. OR…. You can access the website https://www.pparx.org/Intro.php

The Partnership for Prescription Assistance helps match patients who cannot afford medication to prescription assistance programs that provide free or nearly free medicines to eligible patients. There are no charges associated with using the PPA and almost all of the programs in our database offer their services free of charge. There are other companies that offer to connect consumers to these same programs for a service fee, some of which use our name without our permission to attract people to their websites. We will continue to ask these businesses to stop using our name to confuse you into thinking that their mission is the same as ours: to help you find, without charge, the program that’s right for you. Remember, you will never be asked for money by a PPA Call Center representative, or on this website. To find out what programs you may be eligible for, click here or call 1- 888-4PPA-NOW

Monetary Loss: $80.

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Utica, Michigan, United States #1220227

I wish my husband had read these comments before joining this *advocacy group*.He had been with them last year but they were on some other system and he did get his medication.

Well this year when he fell into the 'donut hole' he tried to reinstate his agreement with the SCBN rep. and it all began to fall apart. As a results, when he joined or re-joined, the charge was $85.00 which is the sign-up fee plus the monthly cost to him of $35.00. He waited patiently for everything to be put into place and the meds to arrive, but it never happened.

He called many times and still no meds. and the different reps made different excuses. Finally as a the need for a prescription we contacted our doctor and had a prescription for the insulin sent to a local pharmacy for a three week supply. June passed and July passed and he needed another prescription and then again in August.

By September, my husband finally contact the actual pharmaceutical company and found they could send us the medication without going through SBCN. At about this time a small supply of the medication did arrive but it would only have lasted a little over a month and a half. The bottom line here is that we demolished our savings and used some of our Social Security to the tune of $1,909.00 and now we can get the meds free directly from the pharmaceutical company.

What do you think our chances will be to get a refund?Time will tell.


I did not return my packet.Kind of forgot about it.

In the mean time they were taking out 80.00 plus 50.00 a month. We'll abut 480.00 later I noticed and cancelled. I also did not receive any medicine.

I wonder if anybody gets a refund?


DItto, Icalled and was told I would be charged $125.00 outright then $75.00 per month.$25.00 per month for each medication I needed.

They sent me the paperwork. It took a long time to get the Dr's signatures. By then One of the medications was discontinued by me. I called them, was told they would decrease the draft on my account $50.00.

After almost 2 months now I paid $175.00 and still have no medications. When I called to talk about this I was treated rudely, which made me very angry. I told them to close this account and I would never return.

Should money be "drafted" before they receive the paperwork back.

I don't think this is right.but Then I forgot

they are making MONEY!!!!

Mesquite, Texas, United States #700956

So I don't take medications but my mother and father are diabetics.I enrolled them with SCBN over three years ago.

If you actually Listen to the welcome call they clearly state that the pharmaceutical companies provide the medications for free or low cost and you are paying for their services. That is very helpful for me because I am a busy business woman and don't have time to remember when to call in the refills, reapply etc and my parents have memory loss. That is where they come in, they take care of all of the refills and reapplications for us and that is a weight off my shoulders. Most people think that they can lie about their income and still get the medications at no cost, guess what the income is verified and you will be denied with the PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY and you go on here saying they are a scam, NO YOU are a scam!

Also my mom forgot to sign one of the pages of the application, If it was sent to the Pharmaceutical company directly, she would have been denied and her app destroyed but guess what, SCBN reviews applications so they sent it back to her to get it signed and yes that did delay her getting her Lantus but it was OUR fault and not THEIRS. On the welcome call they clearly state that it can take 6weeks to get your first shipment of meds and any delays by YOU or YOUR DOCTOR can make this period even longer. SO HERE IS THE BOTTOM LINE (they state this in the welcome call) THE MEDICATIONS ARE PROVIDED BY THE PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES AND...

If you are well, a home body and have the time to deal with the rude pharmaceutical companies then go directly with them! Pharmaceuticals are hard to deal with so yeah I rather pay $35 monthly and leave that for SCBN to handle. AGAIN MEDICATION IS PROVIDED BY PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES AND SCBN JUST HANDLES PPWK!! Pharmaceutical companies are hard to deal with because they provide medications free or at low cost and ofcourse they will make it very difficult for people to get the medications, they change the regulations and proof of income requirements all the time and if you go directly with them, they would not notify you and you would be denied but scbn keeps in touch with them and finds out their regulations and requirements and then notifies their members.

Example: My dad get social security, at first they requested bank statements and that was provided and a month later they changed their regulations and needed the Awards letter, yes I was frustrated but again SCBN is just the messenger.By the way, there is no contract with them, you are able to cancel at any time, I asked ;) Thanks and god bless all

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to Anonymous Prattville, Alabama, United States #1220889

the fact that you had to go anonymous instead of actually write your actual name tells me that you work for them and are just trying to cover for them and save them business no way in *** would someone who claims that received excellent service from these people go anonymous they would be more than glad to have their actual name on their post so you can save this *** for someone who is dumb enough to believe that an actual consumer wrote this.Also pharmaceutical companies are not hard to deal with people are either lazy or they don't understand the lango so they get someone else to do it for them instead of doing it themselves for free the company my daughter receives her other medications from send us emails and they call as well as send the renewal package for her to get her medications from them for free so the fact that you did not even put a name on this let's me know that you work for these people you are not a customer you are more than likely an advocate since you seem to know so much about what this company does they may or may not do what you say but that is not what their advocates state when you finally do get a hold of them, they were basically sucking me dry so my daughter of course cancelled her membership with them but of course they made sure to go into my account one last time and then tried to deny it when it says it clear as day on my bank statement that they did go into my account when they should not have done so since they were...

They are being investigated by not only BBB but my bank as well, they will give me my $140 even if I have to sue them to get it I do not mind at all we found help through Genetech's actual website so once we receive the paperwork my daughter and her doctor will fill it out and she will receive her medicines for her kidneys for FREE no thanks to this company and not for a fee which btw she still is waiting on medicines she was supposed to receive for June, July, & August and of course September what will be your excuse next?!Stop with the excuses and give these people what they pay for!

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Tampa, Florida, United States #654442

I just signed up with this company today.I was looking for their website information to share on Facebook and found this site.

Terrified, I tried desperately to call them before closing time to cancel/stop payment before they send me the packet. I cannot reach anyone until the morning. I also found out that I could have gotten free prescription help via the pharmaceutical company patient help programs.

I feel absolutely sick to the core of my being.

I think my first stop will be to the bank tomorrow to stop payments. OMG< they are going to steal $50 from me, possibly $85.00 total.

How can this company get away with this?:cry

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #594367

In Dec.i tried to cancel with scbn,they said i needed to send in a cancelation notice to them.

I did,They then sent me a letter that said i needed to send in proof that we got medicare,or medicade. Well i cant,because we dont have them,we got our own insurance.

But thats not good enough for them, they are still,taking our money from our acct.every month.THEY ARE A BUNCH OF LIARS


Write, call or email your state Attorney Generals office about what these scam artists are doing.Also, If you live near their corporate office pay them a visit , make a scene if you have to.

Better yet, get a consumer reporter from a local tv station to investigate and pay them a visit.

Public awareness of heartless scammers like these is the best weapon we have to fight them.If we can cut off their revenue stream, they won't survive.


I worked for these clowns briefly in 2008. They tell you to sell at all costs then write you up when their cheesy business tactics get them in trouble.All around vermin


I am soooo glad that i looked this up because I was ab*out to go through that company for my children's perscriptions. *phew*

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